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Buy on Allegro Buy on eBay is a multilingual website creator enabling creation and publication of unique sites. A creator with a visual website editor provides a very large extent of freedom in creation of websites, simultaneously remaining intuitive and easy to handle.

Major functions of the editor.

  • Free movement and resizing of elements.
  • A possibility to group elements together.
  • A possibility to clone, delete and edit elements.
  • Transferring of elements to higher or lower layers.
  • Beside such basic elements as text boxes, menus, buttons, images, icons, you may also insert slideshows, Google maps, contact forms, and embed Youtube videos.
  • A possibility to upload own images and documents.
  • A two-level menu with a possibility to change the tab sequence, add new pages and clone them.
  • Edition of the site's metadata.
  • A possibility to repeat and undo the introduced changes.
  • A possibility to save a website as a draft.
  • Dynamic change of graphic resolution.
  • Templates

    Users can use templates divided into categories, serving as a basis for their website. Each such site may be changed beyond recognition thanks to the options offered by the website editor.

    Packages and payments

    Upon creating a website, the user has 14 days for testing of the service. Within this time, user can choose a package that suits him best and pay for the selected period. After 14 days without payment, the website is blocked.

    The packages differ by disk capacity, a possibility to add an own domain, the number of email accounts, as well as displaying or lack of advertisements. Payments are made through Dotpay and through PayPal.

    Administrator's panel

    The creator is equipped with an administrator's panel. It enables edition of user data, changing the users rights, blocking and deletion of their accounts together with their websites.

    You can also browse all sites and block them if necessary, as well as remove all sites that have expired within a selected period of time.

    The panel also enables management of all package parameters, as well as adding and removal of packages. A free package is currently available, websites with this package should be renewed every 30 days.

    Template creation

    The administrator can manage the existing templates and has a possibility to create new ones. Creation of new templates is easy and may be performed only through the editor. Writing of any code is not required.

    Script requirements

    PHP 5.3+
    MySQL database
    DirectAdmin or cPanel


    The script is equipped with an installer enabling simple installation of the script. Additionally, the purchaser will receive an installation and configuration manual.

    The purchaser receives the right to use one copy of the creator script under one domain. The license agreement is available at: